Win an APT hall effect keyboard by reviewing your current keyboard

WIN THIS APT HALL EFFECT KEYBOARD (And possibly more keyboards in the future)
Look, the long and skinny of it is that I need to review this keyboard.

But I'm busy as shit and I also don't really want to do it.

There is a condition for winning this keyboard. And that is that you review it for me to use for my website. I'll require 1000 words plus and all the criteria for the review will be sent to you with the keyboard itself. I will edit the final work.


You'll get 2 weeks to complete the review. You will also be credited and receive a profile for my mechanical keyboard blog.

So what you do you need to do for a chance to win this keyboard?
Simple, you just need to review your current keyboard and I will pick the winner.

Entries will need to be over 300 500 words in length. I will keep submissions open until the the 14th of August. I'm in Australia, so I'll close entries at... say 10 AM Melbourne time.

Now, I'm a simple guy, I don't need big fancy words to get my point across and you shouldn't either.
Similarly, the easier you make my life, the more favourable I will be to your entry. So, make your entry nice and easy to read, with good sentence structure and flow.

Pictures are a bonus. I may even put up another keyboard if there's a couple of good entries.

Submit your entries as a new text post, then comment and link it here.

Good luck. Hugs and kisses.

Love Phatty
Well, its a 2-horse race from what I can tell, and my horse is sitting around looking at its toes while the other horse made a grand show of a review. I think we know who won.
dang! is it too late to enter? i started my review when it was announced, but i only type around 30wpm, so i still haven't finished... pretty damn close though. too late?