What are you currently waiting to have delivered?

  • E8-V1: Forever stuck in some dude's house
  • Duck TC-V3: Get~!
  • Imperial Hue 60% case: Runners ran out of money, requested some extra to ship them. Asked for and received PP invoice, paid, waiting to see if they actually ship...
  • SA Green Screen (well, amber): ETA is still April 26
  • SA Round 7: I actually got an update from 7bot on this in November, apparently they're mid-manufacturing. The reported status: VIOLETT 43%, VIOLETTCREAM 18%
  • DSA Milkshake: Get~! Also, I somehow ordered twice as much as I thought I did?! I guess I FOMO'd like a motherfucker...
  • DSA Starry Night R2: ...No fucking clue what's happened with this one. zFrontier haven't published any project updates since November 2018
  • GMK Phantom: zFrontier, whyyyy... does anyone know what the fuck is going on with these?
  • XDA Oblique: Moar zFrontier stuff with no updates.
  • Keysekai Steampunk space bar: Was meant to have received a shipping email in November, but haven't... following up with them again.
  • Nexus Alps MX-compatible sliders/housings: Get~! Will have to mod them somewhat due to some manufacturing issues, but they seem pretty nice overall.
  • Duck Keyboard weights: Get~! Engraving on the engraved ones is fairly jank, but eh
  • Keebag: Get~!
  • Godspeed Desk Mat: Get~!
  • KAT Alpha: Initially they were aiming for December shipping, but manufacturing only completed like last week. Should be shipping from Keyreative to Kono now.
New stuff:
  • Nutcracker x 2
  • Unigo66 wireless ergo split: This is actually pretty close to shipping
RAMA M60-A SEQ2 (Milk)
GMK Minimal + RAMA x Minimal Artisan
RAMA x Bentō Salmon Artisan
RAMA x Jamón Egg Artisan
RAMA x Gok Kuro Shio Artisan
along with some stuff from mechmarket and the ever growing list of things to come
for now:

GMK Minimal (base kit)
Linjär Switch (70)
GMK Calm Depths (base kit)
GMK Jamón (core kit, space bars, Jamonelties, 2x Eñe Survival Kits, Pata Negra)
RAMA x Jamón Egg Artisan
Did anything happen with these?
Nope. Still in some dude's house in Vietnam, to my knowledge.

Other updates:
  • Imperial Hue 60% case: Still waiting. Hugely delayed, and some modifications were made to the design of the weight mid-fulfillment, with the production process ending up being split into 3 batches. Whether or not I'll actually receive mine, we'll see. Some have shipped out.
  • SA Green Screen (well, amber): Shipped, should be here in a week or two. I wish MD wouldn't use the slowest possible DHL shipping. That shit tends to go from US to AU via Europe o.o; crazy stuff.
  • SA Round 7: No updates from last time, kek
  • DSA Starry Night R2: Super delayed. Last update was delivery ETA in March... we're nearly done with April now, and the caps haven't shipped.
  • GMK Phantom: Get~!
  • XDA Oblique: Get~!
  • Keysekai Steampunk space bar: Was apparently shipped out, but I was never given a notification or tracking code. The GB runners were apparently checking with the post office, but never got back to me. I've bugged them again now, but this is probably a lost cause.
  • KAT Alpha: Get~!
  • Nutcracker x 2: Get~!
  • Unigo66 wireless ergo split: Bit of a delay on the black cases sadly due to a mix-up on order numbers at the factory, was offered to swap to white instead but I'll wait it out.
  • SKB75 x2: I think I forgot to list this before? Many manufacturing delays, but the GB runner has been providing updates pretty consistently, so eh, it'll probably turn up at some point.
New stuff:
  • Leaf 60: Manufacturing.

Kinda stopped buying keeb stuff recently, as most of mine has been in storage awaiting a move, but that's more-or-less done as of the Easter weekend, so I'll be back to messing about with keyboards again soon :). Probably going to sell a bunch of completed projects also.
Waiting on Box Pink set to test out in the search for the perfect switch for me. With the order I also orderded some other switches for comparison, Navy blues, and some others I don't recall. I will find out what I ordered when I receive the package ;)