[UPDATE] Jelly Key new website system ‘soft’ direction

Jelly Key new website system ‘soft’ direction
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This is a JK new website system direction, in case you assume you’re as a JK enthusiast and all caught up with all of our website latest facilities, you can pass over this. Unless, you’d want to have a glance of these updates. About 5 new items, it won’t take time.

My account, orders status on new system

First, in previous email we informed you that Jelly Key website had been moved to a new system, for better order management and shipping tracking. We had move all of your old orders except your password because of security issue. But you can recover your password by going to Lost password – and follow the direction at My Jelly account.

Second, our latest support center will give you an overlook about the status of our crafting processes, shipment, incoming events or new groupbuy.

Download, submit photos and support center

You can also download 4K wallpapers of Jelly Key artisan product on this page of our website. Thank you our friends who had suggest to have accessibility to download our pretty, high resolution keycap images.

The freshest facility of My Jelly page, that you could directly send your gorgeous Jelly Key photos, taken by you to us. Or you can simply submit your social link (e.g Instagram/Facebook, that had your Jelly Key keycap photos uploaded) in ‘Your Message’ box, we’ll find and collect your photos ourselves then post them in this page.

One last thing – and very important – We’ll be there to help you out with your questions, with any query you couldn’t find the answer in our Support Center, feel free to send your question to our supporter via email support@jellykey.com or ping us by clicking the red button with a smiling face at the right bottom corner in our website. Our supporter will respond and feedback with in 24 hours (except holidays).

Here’s our Support center response time report in the current period, First response time is pretty earlier – compares to May’s report.

2 years ago, our Median first response time is 14 hours, lately is 5 hours. It’s a real improvement.
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