Podcast The Board - Update 26 March 2020

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to just give a text update as I haven't done an episode this week either, and it would be amiss of me to not let you know what is happening.

I went to see the doctor yesterday, and was diagnosed with a generic virus, not considered to be COVID-19 at this point in time. I was not displaying any other symptoms nor showing respiratory distress, which I knew but they had to rule out also. It doesn't mean that I am not asymptomatic but it is highly unlikely.

The result though is that my throat is still not functioning as well as I would like and the doctor has advised resting it as much as possible and taking general throat-related remedies. In addition, to stay home and if I have to go out, to wear a mask to prevent the spread of whatever it is I have to anyone else.

As such, I have not recorded an episode, however I do have to talk for work, so its been a challenge to try and reduce my voice use as much as possible.

I'd like to apologise for all of this, but it'd be great to hopefully get back to making you all episodes as soon as possible!

In any case, we're getting closer and closer to a full-blown lockdown here in Sydney, so it will mean more time at home if I'm capable to record!

Look after yourselves, stay home if you can, self-isolation is how we're going to beat this, wash your hands, and be safe.

So, until next time, Happy Clacking.

Don, from The Board.