Podcast The Board - Health Update 28 April 2020

Hi Everyone,

The ongoing saga with my throat continues. I have been to see the doctor again, and at this point, we have been able to rule out COVID and a high unlikely scenario of thyroid problems.

My symptoms have not changed for the better, and a bacterial swab has been taken for culture testing. I am also undertaking some medication in hopes that it might be posterior nasal drip or silent reflux, as a bit of a scattered attempt for other potential causes.

In addition to this, I have made a referral booking to see a Ear Nose Throat specialist in May, but of course it would be great if this could be resolved before then!

So right now, there isn't really much news (besides that it isn't COVID, thank goodness) to bring you all.

On top of this, I have also paused the Patreon billing for May as it was coming up this week, as I feel its unfair for all of our supporters to be not receiving content during this challenging period. I would also like to thank those who have withdrawn their Patreon support for all of the support they provided in the past, it has been much appreciated.

I hope to be able to have better news in the weeks ahead, and until then, I hope you all stay safe, look after yourselves, and of course, Happy Clacking.