Sydney Meetup - 8 December 2018 - Rex Centre, Potts Point

A venue has already been booked and paid for for the December meetup for 2018.
The event will be co-hosted (though really I'm just there for the attention) by TaeKeyboards and The Board Podcast.

We haven't quite got there yet with whats happening for the event, but the venue location is this place:

We have the Baroda and Fitzroy rooms booked for a bump in setup 10am and bump out total exit 4pm, with intended meetup of 11am-3pm (but of course come along and help if you can).

Book the date in if you're not a local and want to come, and feel free to add to this post any questions, thoughts, suggestions etc, and of course, if you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact myself or TaeKeyboards to discuss :)
Do we need to RSVP at all?
I'm not 100% on the details yet, previously we had registration and raffle tickets, but you can always turn up without registration, just previously it meant no goodie bag (but I don't know if we will have anything like that happening yet).