Switch tester help

Hello all. Since i'm pretty new in this awesome community and i like it very much. Finally found some hobby that i like and i can put my time and effort into it. My wish for now is to try as many switches as possible to see and learn difference and to decide what to do next. I know there are a lot of switch testers and they are not cheap but i've been wondering is there anyone that you guys recommend? Or is there anyone to sell me like bunch of different switches? I hope you guys can help me out and maybe make my life a little bit easier. Thnaks a bunch.
Where are you located? Often it's best to find people nearby who are also in to keyboards, or attend a meet-up. Easiest way to test out switches in bulk :D
Croatia, little country in Europe. It's hard to find meetups here, there are wery few people in my country that has keyboard as a hobby... People here only now starts to understand that mech keys are good ones... Well i was looking for some switch testers from Aliexpress but i doubt those are good ones... Any recommendation? Danks :)