Vendor SP SA Carbon blank kits + other blanks

I am getting delivery of about 5500 SA blank pieces this month. I will be selling full kits that you can customize. An example order:

1x Plank Kit
* Carbon orange alphas
* Carbon White F/J (scooped)
* Carbon Gray Plank kit (outer columns and bottom row)
* Carbon White 2u (for bottom middle spacebar)

That would be a "full kit", and you can specify each part. I will even have an option for scooped home row (asdf and jkl; scooped keys)

I have created a google form for the ordering process. Take a look, I would appreciate feedback.

SA Carbon Blanks Order Form


* Plank Kit = $35
* Preonic Kit = $42
* Ergodox Kit = $65

All kit prices include alphas. For the ergodox kit, I only have Carbon orange for the ergodox pieces.
* Prices are subject to change

The form also has some other blank keycaps I will be selling (but they are not full kits).

As of now, I will just have an order form and send invoices via paypal. I am looking into doing this via my own website, but I don't think I will do that for this round.

Future plans:
I will place another large order of SA blanks as soon as the new PBT tooling is ready. I will probably focus on just one color scheme and sell PBT blanks - and I am hoping I will be the first to do so :)
If I have enough capital, I might do one PBT color scheme and another for ABS
PBT - Same colors as DSA Legacy purple
ABS - 1976 blank kits

Any request for the future? Pictures obviously would be nice, I know. I am waiting to get caps to do that.