GB Open SP SA Banana


GB period: 2018.10.1 ~ 2018.10.15
Estimated producing timeline: July 2019

Theme: Banana
Material: ABS Doubleshot
Profile: SA
Row: 112344
Keys: 150
Switches Compatibility: MX switches
Manufacturer: Signature Plastics

Price and Quantities:
75 sets - 234 USD (MOQ hit)
100 sets - 217 USD (Hit)
150 sets - 200 USD (Progressing)
(If price of next level is hit, we will refund the amount of money to you.)

Designed by FF.
It was originated from a 4 keys small banana set. After time goes, it become a full keyset for everyone.

SA BANANA.jpg Banana Addons.jpg 123.jpg 9.1901045 12.jpg 5.1301030.jpg 5.1301032.jpg 5.1301031.jpg 5.1301047.jpg