Soothe my anxious mind

Hello all! I hope you are all doing wonderful and that your mailbox is always full of click parcels!

I have a Planck (Rev 6) coming in the next couple weeks and I decided I would outfit it with ZealPC Golden Transparent stabs (for the glam).
I have been told by some people on Reddit that there is a high chance these stabs could snap the PCB, is this authentic?

Also, what is your favourite custom cable company?
Could you please explain (I haven't actually heard of this before right now) how the stabiliser will snap the PCB? A 1.6mm thick PCB is pretty darn hefty and strong, so I'm curious to know what is possibly happening for that to occur....

As for custom cable, I'd probably go with @JUJU because you got to always support your locals.
A couple days ago I asked if they are compatible with the new Planck, and this was some of the responses I got: Reddit
I too also thought this was quite strange as I figured the Zeal would cause the least amount of stress since they screw into the PCB.
I sent @JUJU an email, while he isn't local to me, Australians and Canadians always get along!
Ahh, ok, so what they're talking about is edge cut holes, which now makes more sense. Yeah, when some PCBs are designed, they try and make the PCB as small as possible to reduce cost, which means running the outside of the PCB as close as possible to the necessary design. This means for stabilisers, they often are not fully enclosed PCB drill holes, which makes them weaker. Believe this is the part that is prone to breaking off as the stabilizer mounted into the PCB isn't being fully supported in the same way by a fully enclosed PCB.
With a non-screw in stabiliser, what typically will happen is that the stabiliser itself will pop out, but if the plastic on the transparent stabs is stiffer, or is screw in type, then it can cause the PCB to break.
So what you are telling me is that because I decided to go for quality parts my keyboard's PCB might end up breaking?
I haven't received my planck yet as they have had a fair amount of issues when developing it, but I guess time will tell!
If it is enclosed, it could also be super close to being cut, which can also break upon insertion/removal of pcb mounted stabiliser.



If you look at the bottom edge where the drill hole is for the stabiliser, there is barely anything completing the circle of the drilled section. Its that bit thats going to potentially break off. Same as the top edge on the left.
Oh boy, that is not looking good for my boards future. Is this just a cost-saving measure that board makers will have?
Here is hoping that Jack made his PCB with quality in mind!