[SALE] AMK Fusion Sale going live today! @19:00 GMT+1

Salutations AMK Soldiers!

The time has finally come! Tomorrow, at 19:00 GMT+1, the AMK Fusion keycaps are going on sale! The keycaps are made in an SA row 3(ish) profile and the cutouts are filled with resin. This is what the caps look like with LED shining under them.
The following albums, show all the colors and styles that will be available:
The sale will be posted up on www.salvun.com and will work on a first come first serve basis. So you're going to want to be fast to grab the color and style that you like. The current choices are all aluminium base keycaps (Copper and Brass didn't come out quite well) and they will be going at €55 excluding VAT (VAT is only applicable to EU member states).
There will be a second listing on the site marked as a [pre-order] form. This listing is there so that if a specific color you really want is out of stock, you don't have to compromise for something you're not going to absolutely love, and you can place in a pre-order for what you want specifically! The only drawback for this is that there is a lead time of MAX 2 months but as soon as the caps are ready they will get shipped out.
So that we don't get out of touch, I've also made a discord server where the Metal KeyCap Army can just chill out, talk to me directly about their order and make some cool shit happen
Well, I think I'm done for this announcement. See all of you tomorrow!