SA Violet on Cream is live! Retooled Black restock, Screwdrivers - Lots happening -

Prices in AUD. Shipping within Australia is $8.20.

PM for international orders. I am looking to bundle and ship via a distributor to keep costs low.

Thank you to u/mgsickler of NovelKeys for letting us take part in SA VoC GB.

SA Violet on Cream
Daily Clack's first SA set. I love SA Violet on Cream (I have SA Doom) which is looking to be the same colour way, just with better compatibility and cheaper price!


GB End - 28 October

Shipping late 2019

Retooled Cherry MX Blacks
If you can excuse the old picture used, I have PCB mount (5pin) Retooled Blacks back in stock. We have also stopped selling them in batches of 70 and these are now available in packs of 10.

The model number for these MX Blacks are MX1A-11NW-1

Price is $5 for 10

Xiaomi Wiha 24 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

One of the nicest, mechanical keyboard compatible, screwdriver kits. There's a bunch of magnetic heads (phillips, hex, flat) to suit most needs.

I got these in because I wanted one for myself!

Price is $29

Tribosys 3204 Update
Ordered and on the way to me. I will likely end up waiting for the vials before I can distribute this.

There will be a price drop from the $15 that we had previously. It wasn't cheap getting them to us and the small quantities we were ordering.

GMK Stabilisers
We have replenished our stabiliser stock. That includes 6.25u and 7u.

$3.20 each or $16 for a kit

GMK Phantom
So, I had some stock of this and it disappeared rather quickly. If anyone is looking for a set of GMK Phantom, you can let me know. I'm in talks about getting a few more.

Just PM me if you're after a set. On Monday, I will be increasing the quantity ordered so get in quick!

Australia Zeal Survey

I'm contemplating grabbing some Zeals for Australia. If you are Australian (or Kiwi) and are on the hunt for Zeals you can fill out this form so I have a better idea of quanitites for Australia.