Realforce R2 PFU Limited Edition 45g Uniform Review

I'm new to the MK scene (a little over a month into this) and here's my review. I never thought I'd spend this much on a keyboard but I figure rather than slowly making my way through and waste time, I'll just get what is considered one of the best(given that this may be a preference thing). I believe $380 is relatively inexpensive for a professional tool.

For my use, I wanted to get a silent keyboard, I don't really care for the mechanical clicking sound.

Model: R2SA-US4-IV
Price: $380 with tax (Amazon)

The first impression of this keyboard:
- It looks like a very standard keyboard as expected from the product pictures.
- The weight is just right, not too heavy, not too light
- The keycap has a slight rough texture to it
- The keyboard sticks to the my wooden table just right

- Typing feels great on this keyboard, with the Cherries, I tend to get "dddddddddd" or "llllllllllll" since they're linear. I definitely prefer topre over cherries now.
- The sound is just perfect, it has a thock high quality sound just like the youtube videos
- I'm not too particular on the legends it looks fine to me
- I feel like my typing speed and accuracy improved
- It's not mushy at all, feels sort of like a pencil eraser hitting a hard surface

- Price
- USB cable isn't detachable

My ideal keyboard:
- Would like the keycaps to stay firmly in place, I can still wiggle them a bit, at this price, I would like precision (Though I know this isn't a common requirement for most)
- Would like the keycaps to be solid, I know this isn't common, but I think solid keycaps would give it an even more solid feel & sound.

Conclusion: This keyboard is definitely a keeper, the keys are perfectly light at 45g and the feel & sound is quite satisfying. I love the classic look on it. No one outside the community would know this keyboard's value which I like.

I still have the gigabyte cherry mx reds with qmx clip & o-ring for work (I needed a silent keyboard for work that's relatively inexpensive). The R2 will be for my home use.

4/5 Stars - If this keyboard had the wooden palm rest like the TKL version and a detachable USB, I would give this 5 stars.


Very nice, very nice indeed!

I know what you mean btw with the wiggle, I was kinda shocked when my fc660c had keycap wobble as bad as it did:

The TKL version of the PFU R2 is a bit better than the fc660c but still way more wobble than I was expecting or used to. Superb to type on though when I'm not nit picking or making the non-stabilized caps-lock wobble.
@dsio I think the only way to have no wiggle is probably machined switches, and that'll just cost too much, although it would be interesting!

Someone also needs to create solid keycaps too!