Selling Purple Boards for sale, get them off my hands

Campine mk3 (HHKB) - $175 USD
0 Angle, powder coated purple case with powdercoated cyan plate. Few visible scratches on the left hhkb corner. No caps included, laser looks great on it!
  • Lubed 68g Clear Top Outemu Teals (Krytox + superlube on springs/stem)
  • GMK Screw ins Stabs
  • Acrylic diffuser on the bottom
(apologies for my phat hand in the way)
(scratches here)

Purple Exent - $450 USD

One in Five made in this colourway. Polycarb has a slight crack under the leg, mostly covered by the leg. I have asked for a replacement and will forward you details if this happens. PCB has all working LEDS. I have outemu holtites in there, but you can desolder them out if you want to change switches/layout. I have it with split space atm
  • Lubed 80g KMAC springs, Aliaz Silent Tactile Stem in Outemu Teal (Aesthetics! Super lubed spring and stem, krytox slider
  • GMK Screw in Stabs
  • Will be shipped unassembled to avoid thermal expansion on the polycarb (slight crack here)