Postal arrivals thread

GMK Skidolcha orange & grey, looks superb in the flesh and even has that German made smell.

Can’t wait to try them out so I might put them on the Corsair K65 just for now until the M60-a arrives.

Oh man, you don't mess around - that's going to be real nice
Hey I've also got an FC660c coming too, trying out the GMK caps on the old Corsair, unfortunately it has some beta-max spacebar design incompatible with any GMK spacebar variety but looks cool-ish aside from that on the K65 for now, can't wait to see your stuff though 👍
GH60 plate from KBDFans came in and was able to do a quick mock up of my 3D printed MX HHKB board. Not bad so far. Have to make a few changes to the model before I can print the bottom case yet...
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Shit, man.. that's looking really good now. You should share some shots from other angles too with it all assembled.
I'll definitely get some other shots later, it'll take a while for it to be finished, but I'll still keep updating the thread I have. Hopefully I can get it done before November...