Post your daily drivers

New daily! Just built this today.

Katana60 with:
  • Cherry Reds, Filmed, Lubed with 3204, with Vintage Black springs
  • JTK Pink on White
  • TypeHype Rama cap
  • $10 plastic case with adhesive wheel weights in it that brings the weight of the board up to around 810g
Honestly, I think I prefer the Katana stagger more than a traditional stagger. Can't wait to get JTK Red Riot which I'll pair with this and have a full red board. The TH Rama cap is so nice as well, and fits it great.

so are the domes worth the $$$? a lot of people say theyre a meme. ;) i'm still waiting on my variable weight realforce to arrive
Yep, at least for me. Just ordered PFU Limited ed, while daily driving RealForce 87U all 45g :)

Plenty of keyboard porn here. Amazingly looking projects.
How long will it take to arrive? Always interesting hearing more reviews from people.
Just this morning it reached the forwarding company in Japan :). Managed to get it on the promo as well :). Just by pure luck on the day I was placing the order it was slightly cheaper, like €20 less or so.

This is the first time ever for me ordering something from Japan. I am using as a forwarded and so far I am very impressed with the service. I have plenty of experience with forwarding companies and those guys have best system in place without a doubt out of those I have tried (around the world).


My new baby, still in Japan ATM:


My DD has changed up from the ALPS64 with SKCM oranges I previously posted to an ALPS64 with SKCM browns.
Hasu ALPS64 PCB, FR4 AEK layout plate, SKCM browns, & a 5 degree case for now. Really thinking about grabbing one of the new Klippes for it. :unsure:
I want those caps but they are bit hard to get now. What sort of value did you pay?
Massdrop has a buy for MT3 /DEV/TTY sets going on right now with pretty decent pricing. Although it's not setup like a normal keycap GB, on this drop you can just get a 1800 set for $85, a TKL set for $80, a 65% set for $70, or an Ortholinear set (60% & 40% ortho compatible) for $65. If none of those sets wot for you, I'd say keep an eye on r/mechmarket & other MKB sites classifieds. I'm always seeing MT3 /DEV/TTY set up for sale on them. (y)
I'm fairly new to the scene so still learning and exploring. I'v found that a 65 / 75% formfactor seems the right solution for me. Still investigating what the right switch is for me. At the moment I have Gateron Greens in my daily driver the Magicforce 82.

In the Hexgears K707 I can hotswap so this will be for experimenting with switches. At the moment is has Kailh Box White's but just as the blues they are to light for me.
Anyway I love those mechanical keyboards and plan on building one myself next year. Probably the KBDFANS 75v2.

my keyboards sept 2019.JPG

Top: Magicforce 82 with Gateron Greens. The HOME key is missing a led but I got a good credit for a new order from Drop.
Bottom: Hexgears K707 TKL hot swappable keyboard with a cheap SA keycapset that types and feels very nice.