Post your daily drivers

Already posted in another thread, but mine currently is a hand-wired ANSI 60% with an LJD61UP stainless steel sandwich case, a Teensy 2.0, BOX Royals (not lubed), Costar stabs (lubed), and Vortex PBT Double-shot keycaps (I am also in the process of designing and cutting an opaque white acrylic middle layer):

Oh, and also a DIY USB cable from Zap! Cables.
moved to this one a few days ago when I finalized the build....still getting used to the layout

Board: Iris Split Ergo with red back-light and RGB underglow
Switches: Cherry MX Clear (lubed)
Caps: custom XDA
Firmware: QMK (custom nordic layout)
Yep, the massdrop photos use very soft light that hides the shadows.

So they end up looking very similar to SA. That is what I thought as well when I joined the drop 1 year before receiving them.