Post your daily drivers

94611E85-755B-40C1-8CC2-DEB95B8BA559.jpeg I spend most of my home time on the couch in front of the HTPC so the Retro60 cos it’s light and durable, and a wireless Logitech G830 for quick input. As soon as I get a good BT mech I can finally retire it
I have uploaded it elsewhere on here but here's my daily driver followed by my secondary.

Sometimes I switch from the Navies on the CA66 to the SMK on the SMK65.

Apart from that I don't have a picture ready of my Anne Pro which is the couch keyboard. It's packing o-ring modded BOX Royals.
Tada68 with stock caps, gateron black switches, cyan LEDs and custom Cable for work (it travels with my laptop)

At home and for gaming my modded redragon 552 kumara, modded with kailh burnt orange, sage and navy switches, also detachable cable mod! IMG_20180713_075608.jpg IMG_20180617_160014.jpg IMG_20180617_160304.jpg
Here's what I'm spending most of my time sitting in front of and using. Want a better looking macropad than that Max Falcon 8 (or a better casing?) but it does the job - and also some fitting enjoypbt's to finish my vb21m (top row is looking off but I want the actual, usable legends - so usability over aesthetics there).

Keyboard is a work in progress though, really like these caps but wish I could have my Å, Ä and Ö's with them. 37588598_10156411288037095_3085164021914009600_n.jpg
These are the two boards I use every day (and the only two boards I currently have in a usable state anyway ^^)

Board: TX1800v2 Titan Grey, brass plate, brass weight
PCB: Leeku 1800 (Converted to QMK)
Switches: Vintage black stems (lubed, Krytox 106), Zeal Bottoms, Vintage Cherry Tops, Kin Switch Films, SPRIT gold-plated springs in 65g, 63.5 and 85g (all lubed with Victorinox Multi-Oil)
Stabs: GMK Screw-In (Clipped, lubed, Band-Aid modded)
Caps: ePBT 9009

IMG_1330.jpg Case: Tofu Chocolate
Plate: DZ60 compatible (brass)
Switches: BOX Royals (lubed springs, lubed bottom-out contact areas to reduce switch noise)
Stabs: GMK Screw-In (Clipped, lubed, Band-Aid modded)
Caps: DSA Royal Navy