Please help me pick my keyboard

Hey I need help looking for a keyboard. Since this is pretty much the third mechanical keyboard that I am getting and I don't have that much experience in the market of mechanical keyboards I thought I might need some help to find one. And btw my bidet is around 110$

I have been looking at some mechanical keyboard and I have found out what I would like to have on it.

I would like to have a a more compact tkl keyboard. Which I believe is 75% (correct me if I am wrong)
The switches needs to be linear since that is what I like to type on and game on the best.
I would like if the main colour was white or grey. (Some rgb keycaps would also be appreciated)

If someone know of a keyboard that has all of this then please write back:)
Hello friends,

There are number of different types of keyboard available in the market. These keyboards are not ever lasting. Elecflex is one of the largest electronics manufacturing company in China manufactured the latest design of membrane keyboard at very affordable prices.The keyboards have sleek, flat designed switches with modern LED lights that look appealing with a minimal industrial look. They are durable and have a low profile, which allows for space-saving designs and adaptability to each project.