PFU Topre Limited Edition Realforce R2 TKL tenkeyless keyboard review and photos

Ohh, and BTW if this was not obviously yet I absolutely adore my R2 PFU :)

Such a joy to type on it.

(this post was only typed becasue I could type it on R2 and had nothing better to type ;) - this is what Tope can do to you ;) )
Hello all, new to typehype. I've recently acquired this keyboard, and I was wondering what are my keycap options. I have the black on black version, and it's quite hard to see sometimes, especially if I'm typing in dim lighting.

I have seen some Chinese site called kbdfan, but I wasn't sure which caps I was looking for because they use a lot of abbreviations, aka I don't know what's the name of these switches.

Thanks a lot!