PFU Topre Limited Edition Realforce R2 TKL tenkeyless keyboard review and photos

My R2 has arrived some time ago. I had only brief experience with it so far but long enough to know that it is a step-up to my EK all 45 RealForce. Very happy with the purchase so far. Now that I have found an easy way to get it direct from Japan I am very tempted to also get all 55g silent R2 TKL. As people swear that 55g is the way to go to experience Topre.

R2 silent is smoother to bottom out and the sound is even better. There is more chocolatey feel to typing then on my R1. It might be purely due to silencing part but whatever it is I like it better.

I think it's a vocal minority that swears those 55g domes are the best thing ever, but I definitely wasn't a fan. It just felt heavier and mushier at the same time. Some of the Topre magic was gone.
I am getting seriously addicted to the R2 PFU edition :)

The next step for me will be to silence my R1 TKL EK ed. to see if they will end up the same in typing experience or maybe not afterall?

That is very interesting what you say about all 55g. I think I will have to try it for myself to form my own opinion but I will not be rushing with it.