Misinterpretation of Simple Switch reviews (Everglide Switches)– Keeping Open-Minded About the Keyboard Content You View

Halo, Brown and Jade Stems
So today I received my Everglide Switches from Drop.com and was very satisfied with what I received.
The brand was new to me and many others in the community, we didn’t get many details about the switches or even the origins of the factory producing them. Nonetheless, with much optimism and high hopes, I bought a pack of each switch – Sakura Pink, Jade Green, Coral Red and Amber Orange.
As time passed, Taobao links surfaced and many in the community wanted reviews and opinions about the switches, to see whether or not it would be worth purchasing.
One of they few people to post about the Everglide Switches was Reddit user u/mikeybox who also posted about them on his YouTube Channel Walker's Keyboard Science.
He had purchased the Tactile Jade Green switches off TaoBao and in his YouTube review, didn’t seem to think highly of them. When I stumbled upon the video, my optimism was challenged by what felt like to be facts and evidence— admittedly making me doubt my purchase.
When I finally received my Drop shipment 2 weeks earlier than the expected delivery date, I immediately went to the Jade Greens to see for myself if I had made a regretful purchase. In my honest opinion, I had not.

Today I'll be writing about how a simple switch review influenced the perception of my purchase, before it even arrived.

Link to the review I’ll be referencing.

Please not I do not have anything against the guy, in fact I admire the amount of content he makes. I am simply using this as an example to help educate and bring to light, how difficult it is to correctly interpret information on the internet. I also wish to clear some of the negative stigma that may be associated with Everglide Switches.

Misinterpretation of Simple Switch reviews (Everglide Switches)– Keeping Open-Minded About the Keyboard Content You View

“I bought some of these to review, so you don’t have to.”
Within the first few seconds we are told, “I bought some of these to review, so you don’t have to.” These words are spoken in a reassuring sense, as though he is doing us a favour— subtly hinting that these switches are in fact not worth purchasing… This may not be too relevant to the topic, but it is something to note as it is a subtle glimmer of the reviews personality and to a lesser extent his motive for doing the review.

If he doesn't think the switch is worth purchasing, does he really have an obligation to say otherwise? If the switch was worthwhile would a more in-depth review have been made? This is an unheard of switch with no real coverage so the potential for views is there...

The review does not acknowledge the ramifications of presenting switches off TaoBao and implying they will be the same switches sold by Drop.
It is important to keep in mind, these are not the actual batch being handled through Drop.com, rather he bought them off a TaoBao seller. Given the different shipment dates of the Drop switches vs buying of TaoBao, it is unlikely that the switches Drop would be receiving, had already been produced at the time. Meaning the switches sold by Drop may be made using the same moulds as u/mikeybox’s switches, or they could be a completely new and an improved revision.

Quality Control between the two are likely completely different, Drop has a reputation, while Taobao is ungoverned. In this review there is a lack of optimism and it seems as though he is confident that the switches he has will be the ones sold by Drop.

In his defence, he would be right to assume the Jade Everglides he purchased should be the same as any other switch labeled Jade Everglides. If I bought the same type of Switches from two re-sellers, I should be receiving the same switch, unless explicitly told otherwise, right?
He would be right to assume his Everglide switches don't differ from any other Everglide switch sold, and showing the imperfections of his batch isn't integrally wrong.
My only issue is that there is a lack of optimism and mention for potential future improvement. The current batch of switches being reviewed does not reflect positively on the Everglide factory, and that is the current notion being attained by the viewers.

“They're Noticeably Less tactile than any version of Zealios”
In the community Zeal is known for popularising tactile switches, through the introduction of his Zealio Switches. From this, they have been the benchmark within the community for years, and with the introduction of ZealioV2s it is likely that this will be the benchmark for years to come. Now it is important to note, Zeal V1s for the time were really the only option for a tactile switch, not that it was the most tactile, just a very good outright switch to buy. Many now would consider Zeal V1s as middle tier tactility, to which I agree.

In the review the switch is labeled as “ Noticeably Less tactile than any version of Zealios,” immediately you’ll assume the switch has similar properties to lower tactile switches like Cherry Browns or Box Browns – both of which are often disapproved of in the enthusiast community. When buying a switch labelled tactile, majority will want a switch that provides a reasonable and noticeable amount of feedback – the whole point tactility in the first place.

Without any other context or knowledge, this statement alone lowers our expectation for the Jade Everglides.

It would be logical to assume that the stem design has something to do with this, because tactility is part of the stem design, right? Maybe the stems have a smaller bump to them, lesser like a Zealio, more like a MX Brown? I wish that he had shown the stem, so that as a viewer I could get an objective view, rather than a subjective notion.

No V1 Zeal stems to compare them to

Here are some pictures I took comparing different switches to the Everglide Jades

Cherry Brown (Left), Everglide Jade Stem (Middle) and a ZealioV1 stem (Right)

Everglide Jades look awfully similar to the Zealio V1 stems… How is one considered the benchmark for tactiles, while the other is almost linear?

A slightly superimposed shot of the two stems

When swapping the housing of Zeal V1 and Everglide Jades and using an identical spring weight, I was unable to differentiate the two. I did this on the off chance the housing was influencing the tactility – the leaves of the two both seem normal.
In this instance of same housing, V1 and Jade stems being identical in feeling, my interpretation of his statement "They're Noticeably Less tactile than any version of Zealios,” is now a bit different. At first I was under the assumption this was because of stem design, but now after receiving the switches and testing for myself I believe he was more implying the spring weight made the switches feel "less tactile."
I do feel like the term tactility is wrongfully used in this instance, the Everglide Jades don't feel less tactile than the Zealios, they just feel less "Snappy" due to the lighter spring.

“Not very tactile” “If you like a mild tactility this might be for you”


Its kind of unfortunate that many reviews don’t often mention a scale or benchmark which they reference to, not everyone rates things similarly, so as a viewer it would be nice to have a reference points.
They're not very tactile,” in comparison to…
With many forms of tactility in switches its hard to really know what he is comparing these switches to, in order to get such an opinion.
Is he referencing Holy Pandas, Zeal V2s, Box Royals?
Outemu Clears, Cherry Clears, Ergo Clears, Zeal V1s?
Cherry Browns, Box Browns?
Very almost linear sounds like they fit into this category. The only tactile switch associated with “an almost Linear Feeling” would be Browns. As a viewer I assume these feel like browns. It gets a bit more confusing because he then goes to say, "If you like a mild tactility this might be for you.”
Example 1

Example 2

I was gonna make another section on his issue of loose caps, but its kinda linked to QC which I already talked about, so I'll just be bold and say it here.


Disclaimer and Conclusion
I believed u/Mikeybox was thrown-off by the factory lube and spring weighing of the Jade switches, that and maybe the influx of high-end tactiles such as Holy Pandas, Zeal V2s, T1s.
Zeal’s new V2 switches are praised and appear so often on keyboards now, it is pretty easy to forget the original Zeal V1. Some would even say that V2 switches do make V1 switches feel like linears – even so, it wouldn’t be right to classify V1s as linears, without context or prior reasoning. I feel it wouldn't be right if somebody didn't challenge the content of this video, as the switches he is reviewing are not the ones being sold by Drop.com. I wish only to educate the community,

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to really understand and interpret a review without proper background knowledge. As a viewer I believe it is important to understand what is actually objective fact vs un-reasoned subjectivity, to prevent the spread of wrong information, and overall better the community. I hope this text was a good example to not always believe what you read, or at-least be more sceptical or optimistic.

I don't intent this to be a discussion about Zeal Clones, as it is not the focus of my text.

Edit: These switches are also being sold by Durock


Super late edit/update 4/1/2020:
These Everglide switches have been appearing on Drop numerous times, so I figured it would be worthwhile to mention my thought process in response to some points critiquing my statement:
"Quality Control between the two are likely completely different"

Remark/Argument against my point

I don't believe what I said was unjustifiable nor was I giving too much credit to Drop. As I was actively following this buy I had knowledge on majority of the information being shared, and early on user: watson-jiang, who I assume to be the spokesperson/representative from Everglide was attentive to the discussion.

His earliest comment in regards to "clone/counterfeit" speculation

Additionally he provided this response in regards to people fearful of the stem issue, clearly highlighting that they did in fact test the stems -- possibly being aware of people concerns and not wanting to deliver a flawed product.