Melbourne September 15 2018

Let's start with the poster.

It's time for the 2nd Melbourne Australia Mechanical Keyboard meet up!
In order to plan can you please grab a free ticket via the EventBrite listing if you'll be attending.
This will be Daily Clack's fourth meet up and we're expecting to continue the growth of attendees. We want to keep these events growing so feel free to bring friends and loved ones.

So, let's get the most important details out of the way first:

Where & When
Basement 93-95 Queen St
September 15 2018

But is it all ages?
Yes. I understand that holding the event at GG EZ Bar might seem like it's an 18+ event but we've been assured that we can have this run as an all ages event.
This will combat a few issues in our previous meet ups, such as: food and water supply, and the solution to the most pressing issue: Where do we go to get post meet up beers?
A solution for how to separate the youth from the legally allowed to partake has been divised and will be enforced on the day.
We are going to work with GG EZ Bar to get the overhead lights turned on, though as it's in a basement there won't be as much natural light. I'll be popping in over the weekend with a board to investigate what kind of lighting is available and if it seems it's insufficient, I'll look into portable lighting solutions.

Sponsors will be announced soon
Raffle Prizes will be announced soon
The Raffle will begin at 2pm

Goodie bags
Will be available though they have gone up in price.
We are going to be including a whole bunch of goodies in these bags that we feel a price increase is justified.
You will be notified via the email address left on this form on how to pre-purchase a goodie bag when more details are ready.

This event is supported by these goodie bags, the raffle, and the items offered up for the raffle.

Meet up memorabilia
We will also be getting t-shirts and possibly jackets & caps for the day. These will have elements added to them by the talented Laser_Ninja. Special tees will be supplied for volunteers who assist with the operations on the day.
As we continue to grow, more and more volunteers help make days like this possible. We appreciate everyone who assists with the operation of an event like this.
There will be sleeves available for purchase. I am working on a couple of different designs and these will be put together by the amazing u/Yasintahir. A couple of special designs will go into the raffle, while the others will need to pre-ordered soon. More on that to come.
Where to get updates

If you are a vendor or you have some items you'd like to sell, please get in contact with myself or u/brimstoner. We would love to have an allocated For Sale area where you can peddle your wares.

We appreciate all of the support from the mechanical keyboard community and can't wait to chat keyboards with all of you for a few hours!

**As always: BRING KEEBS**


Those look like blood stained concrete blocks. What were you going for or just kinda splashing colour on?

If you paint the base model to resemble concrete, then do blood splatter similar to what you've already done, that could be quite nice. I like gory.

I would make the blood more directional, so pick a location of impact and base the splattering around that.
No, its more pink than blood, I was just trying to colour match the meetup colour scheme from the poster. It was not intended to be splatter or blood mimic. Additionally, if I made the base resemble concrete, you wouldn't see any colours on top.