M60-A Shipping / KOYU / M6-B / XO Tool

M60-A Now Shipping!

M60-A’s have arrived in our warehouse and we have begun shipping orders! As of today we have packed all Australian orders which will be picked up tomorrow. We will continue packing and shipping orders in batches - owners will receive a shipping notification email when the order is packed and ready! There is a lot to go through, so it will take some time to get through each order - we will however be going through them as quickly as we can.

First batch complete!


The KOYU RACE prototype is in, see some pictures below! We also will have the HAZE prototype in the next few weeks.

C5E40A12-8DC6-4E87-B006-01F29B93BD59.jpg 25951EBF-598A-4263-A0CF-FB9E176CFB61.jpg E2DAE5CB-0B01-4B8C-97A6-F24F272C5589.jpg 146F4E3D-CDD0-44DD-9100-161CE1DAEAE8.jpg 3F32C215-E587-47AC-A19D-AA337F03CD4C.jpg

The prototype KOYU PCB is in alongside the M6-B production PCB’s.

1BB0C110-1677-4328-A1E4-92DCA24A6C20.jpg E79C03B8-9036-49A7-A455-F6DBC8DADF04.jpg
XO Switchpuller Tool

A Stainless Steel 304 Switch Puller. Laser-etched. XO detailing. Arriving next month along with our new Rama Wear apparel.