M60-A SEQ2 PCBs / KOYU Extras / 16th August Launch


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The M60-A (Hotswap) PCB’s and M60-Ax (Solderless) PCB’s have arrived in our warehouse and are being packed in preparation for the enclosure arrivals. The M60-A SEQ2 enclosures are in the final stages of production and will be ready in the next month or so for final packaging and shipment! Orders of the individual PCB’s will be sent out this month.

KOYU Extras

The KOYU extra’s will be shipped this week. For those that missed out, the KOYU will be returning in a new revision within 2 months.

16 08 19 17 00 PST

Our latest product will be launching alongside the RAMA WORKS® x MIGHTYKILLERS® Film Canisters. We’re very excited to show what it is!

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