Youtube Kailh Box Switch Tolerances


With all the fuss lately about the out of tolerance measurements people have been discovering on their Kailh Box Switches, I thought I'd measure a sample of my own, and take numbers down.

The video shows the end results, and as follow up, I did in fact take off a number of keycaps on my Signature Plastics DSA vomit set mounted on Kailh Box Navies, and my Filco Ninja ABS OEM keycaps off my Box Jades, and surprisingly, out of the 4 I took off each (total of 8), none of them had any signs of cracking or white 'stretch' marks indicative of stems being out of tolerance.

While four from each keyboard isn't many, as a random sample, it at least shows that the issues is a much more complex one, in terms of both a combination of caps, and stem batches, coming together for a worst possible result for some people, unfortunately.

In any case, it is definitely an issue for the community to be concerned about, and I hope that there is enough of a voice to approach Kailh with to find a peaceful resolution in the coming time period.

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