July 15 2018 Inventory Update

Hi all,

Today was a good day for packages arriving. (I support more DHL deliveries over the weekend)

What that means is that DailyClack.com has refreshed inventory and there's some new arrivals too! As usual, all prices are in AUD as we're Australian owned and operated!

What's New
We're proud to bring you one of the more difficult keyboards you'll ever use, the Pain27. A keyboard true to its name.
It's more of a fun project that serves as nothing more than a meme keyboard. Have some fun with it, frame it, even try using it.

As these are just in, they aren't ready to go directly up on the website (photoshoot, and diodes are coming in due time). They will be $7 for a Pain27 PCB and diodes. You will need a controller for this project.

Cherry MX Retooled Blues also arrived last week. I've ordered a bunch of these because of the attention received by retooled Cherry MX switches. With the improved smooth housing and very pronounced leaf, Retooled MX Blues can serve as decent tactile housing. While they aren't Pandas, they still give a very good tactile bump and are 8x cheaper in price.
You can find Cherry MX Rooled Blues here for $35 for 70.

Refresh and Updates
BOX Royals are back in. You can find them on our BOX Royal page at $6.60 for a pack of 10.

BOX Whites and Pale Blues are finally in stock. After being out of stock for a very long time, these lighter clickbar switches have returned to Australia.
Get BOX Whites and Pale Blues here - $3.80 for a pack of 10

Those of you looking for 7u stabilisers need not search any more. We have 7u stabilisers available for screw-in and plate mount stabilisers. They are the same price as the other stabilisers - $2.80. You can choose which variant you need here.

Ongoing Group Buys/Preorders
Just a reminder that we have two group buys operating at the moment.

Hako Royals
I am about to place the order for Hako Royals. You can preorder them via the link above. They are $7.50 for a pack of 10.

Catch 22
Going by the numbers for this group buy, I have been discussing options with u/rockydbull about ways to reduce the price on these kits.
In order to do this we will probably order the PCBs themselves and source the rest of the components on our own. Stay tuned for more details.