JUJUCable Review !

Just dropping a quick post about 2 months since receiving my cable.

A quick preface, Juju has been a pleasure to purchase from, constant updates about where in the process the cable is at, and instant shipping once the cable had been completed. My cable took a little over a fortnight, albeit with heavy backlog at Juju's end due to an influx of orders whilst waiting on new materials. I'm sure this wont be any concern in the future as hes built up stock :)

The cable itself; the coil is no joke. He will have different diameters in the future but i got the one size avail at the time, and whilst its slightly larger that i'd initially anticipated, i'm honestly glad it was no smaller, as the heft and presence it has on my desk is awesome. It shows no signs of uncoiling either which is nice.

In terms of the sleeving, i got dark grey with black techflex, which gives it a slight tinge of grey in brighter lighting, and it what id hoped for. Its very understated, yet not completely black and standard. Incredibly thick black heatshrink covers the gold connectors, which seem like they'll stand up to the test of time. The ports on your PCB's will break long before these budge.

To finish up, i have some photos attached below, the cable all up cost about 50$ which was on the higher end of what i had wanted to spend, but given the awesome service and outcome of the product itself, i'd say its reasonably justified.

PS: Really need to get something sorted about that TRRS cable on my iris..