Youtube Jae's Build / Test streams

Stream Wednesday night at 8pm UK time (12 noon west coast, 3pm east coast, 9pm Europe).

Jae’s Keyboard Kollege:
- unboxing my true endgame board live!
- some other small unboxings
- Keyboard LED and underglow foxes for E6v2 and PC Singa
- GIVEAWAY! For one lucky viewer :D
- tuning stabilisers
- thoughts and retest the x75 after being built for a while
- sorting through my switch and springs!

Stream on Sunday at 7pm UK time - (11am west coast, 2pm east coast, 9pm Europe)

Build Stream!

Fix E6V2 Underglow
Noxary 268 AG Build with Retooled Blacks - Incl Lubing guide, and stab tuning guide
X75 review that we timed out on last time
Hope to see you there :smiley:

Jae’s Keyboard Kollege - EP2 - TWITCH AFFILIATE STATUS!! polycarbonate singa underglow mod, desoldering the VEA and unboxing of the latest arrivals (boards, caps and others!)

This Sunday at 7:30pm uk time - (3:30 east coast, 12:30 west coast, 8:30pm Europe)

Thanks to everyone’s support on the streams - in honour of making Twitch Affiliate there will be another GIVEAWAY live on stream to one lucky viewer!

Jae's Build Streams - The VE.A build begins!!

Tomorrow night, the first half of the VE.A will be built with Pandelios, copper plate and EPBT stabs.

Will also be doing a comparison of EPBT and Zeal stabs as well as talking about upcoming builds, and my thoughts on this weeks Keeb news.

Sunday at 7:30pm uk time - (3:30 east coast, 12:30 west coast, 8:30pm Europe)

Tonight - LIVE Unboxing of my TGR Alice!! as well as showing the latest Dev/TTY Elven set and the progress on the VEA build :smiley:

9:30PM Uk time - thats 1:30pm west coast, and 4:30pm east coast

Prepping for the livestream tomorrow (sunday)!! Stream will cover:

Thoughts on the new Zeal switches, Finishing the VEA (finally!!), build plans for the TGR Alice, unboxings of this weeks mail items, and hints of the next GIVEAWAY!!

7:30PM Uk time - thats 11:30am west coast, and 2:30pm east coast

Tomorrows weekly live stream will be Building the TGR Alice, with Nixie Switches, EPBT Stabs and looking at latest unboxings of EPBT BoW.

The next GIVEAWAY will also be announced along with instructions on how to enter, as well as details of my upcoming Discord Server!!

7:30PM Uk time - thats 11:30am west coast, and 2:30pm east coast

This Sundays stream will feature at the later time of 8:30PM Uk time - 12:30 west coast, 3:30pm east coast and 9:30pm Europe.

But this week we will be tackling a couple of different boards!

- Finalising the Alice by infilling the Logo
- Re-building Bonito's Melody 96 with Gat Black switches after desoldering his Box Blacks - as well as fixing his GB fitted Stabs which have been clipped and lubed improperly!

You can also join my Discord server for all the latest news:

Catch you then!


Stream tonight at 7:30pm uk time will focus on finishing the Melody build for Bonito as well as building my Royal 66 (by the guys behind the punchy switches) with retooled blacks and GMK Oblivion.

Back in action tonight folks! this week will be rebuilding my TX1800v2 with Revo whites and GMK Olivia as well as talking about the upcoming GIVEAWAY and trying Paco Switches vs Holy Pandas

Tune in at 8pm Uk Time (3pm East Coast, 12 noon West Coast, 9pm Europe)

This Sunday I'll be building an E6V2 with Novelias switches and GMK stabs.

Plus more details of the upcoming giveaway!!

Tune in tomorrow at 8pm Uk Time (3pm East Coast, 12 noon West Coast, 9pm Europe)

Tomorrows stream is the Big Giveaway Stream!! (7:30pm UK time, 8:30pm Europe, 2.30pm EST, 11:30am PST)

We'll be talking Top Clack Co-Host news (spoiler - its me!! :smile: ) , un-boxing the KBD67 for the giveaway and some other new arrivals, then doing some comparisons to some similar boards.

The Giveaway will be run for the following prizes:

1st Place Prize - KBD67 built from a selection of switches I have easily avail
2nd Place Prize - a Big Switch and 3d Printed Case
3rd Place Prize - NovelKeys Deskmat

Rules will be as follows: Twitch Subs get an automatic Entry, anyone active in chat 10 mins or so prior to the giveaway will get an entry, anyone who has donated 1000 bits or more in the past few streams will get an additional entry. This enables you to 'stack' up to three entries for the randomised draw. Everything will be shipped before Christmas.

All prizes have been funded via Subs, Donations, Bits and myself - so big shout-out to everyone who has supported my streams over the past few months! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all and the support you have shown.

I do have a few shows planned prior to the move to TC:

18/11/2018 - Top Clack Talk, Unboxings and GIVEAWAY Stream!!!
25/11/2018 - White TX65 / Giveaway Build
02/12/2018 - White TX65 / Giveaway Build
09/12/2018 - ISO AEK 66


Tomorrows build stream will feature James (AKA @Jamoz ) as we rebuild his UK78 with Hirose switches!

I'll also be unboxing this weeks new arrivals, including V2 Zealios, my Exent and some other goodies!

Times will be the usual (7.30pm UK, 8:30 EU, 2:30 EST, 11:30PST), and this will be my penultimate stream before moving to Top Clack full time.

Sunday will be my final stream of the year, and the final stream on my channel. After this week, its a break for Christmas, then on to Top Clack. (8pm UK, 9pm EU, 3pm East Coast, 12 noon West Coast)

This week is a bit of a bumper stream with some small giveaways as a sign off from me!
- Mail Call (Deskthority Awards Prize, Arctos Switches, DSA Alchemy, Keebag)
- Building the White TX65 (retooled blacks)
- Sign off giveaway!

Thanks again for all of your support in helping my streams grow, me become a better streamer and more dedicated to the community, and for the opportunities this has given me. This one is dedicated to you all.

I really hope you will continue to follow my builds on the Top Clack channel in the new year, as well as me joining the TC weekly news show (check out the TC discord here:

My Weekly builds will continue in the same time slot in January (Sunday Evenings) with Verne, Exent, Alps 66, Zephyr and more all lined up!