Introducing KOYU

The ‘wait’ for something isn’t the most conscious desire, but that anticipation creates nostalgia.

At Rama Works, you’ve embraced this. From updates of the blog, to direct communication with the community, being part of a Rama Works product doesn’t just start when you receive it. If you’ve ever received a Rama Works product, you know that no detail is overlooked.

Let us take you on a journey that will capture that sensory experience, and explore the gravitational interaction between aesthetic and design. The Rama Works ‘X’ element personifies the understanding that taking something away doesn’t necessarily make it less.

Introducing KOYU, our latest offering. Go check out the launch video and preorder now at
tank lite edition with top alu and bottom brass? A version like that would have been nice too.

However a fabulous and very ambitious project, I have a lot of indecision ...

KMK Labs.
will the switch tool be available separately ? it'd be handy for when the m60 ships
Of course, will be available separately as well :) Hopefully can get it out to some more local distributors too so it's easier to get to people internationally!

Super excited to get the M60-A out, we're almost there - just have to finish programming the rest of the PCB's and wait for the sea-freight to come through