Vendor [IC] SIP Sockets for switches and LEDs

Hi guys,

I'm looking for people who will join a GB of SIP sockets for switches (you can find link in the google form - link below)
I live in EU/PL, so I'm also looking for participants from EU/Asia (for US/CN it might be some problems customs and I can not promise that everything will be okay with your package).

Price depends on QTY.

Google form for IC:

Hi There, i know this is an old post.. to be honest i'm not that active here like i am on Deskthority.
And usually don't look at the market section that often i should probably do that more ;-)
A couple of weeks ago i de-solderd my first board using "Aoyue 474A++" so a relative good station but still i found de-soldering led a pain..
so i would not mind trying out Sip-sockets.. I see no one here posted a reaction.. and i was wondering did you try them out??

looking on the mouser site the sockets are not that expensive.. but shipping on top of everything makes them expensive..
just 150 for €46,70 that's with €20 shipping.. Since shipping is so expensive i would indeed want to buy more.. perhaps even try sockets for switches..
Then again a Khail hotswap pcb from KBD is not that expensive... That said i have two tada's with highprofile case that can't use the new hotswap pcb's because of the case internals...
Perhaps there cheaper are alternatives from china..??
This could be an option ??

greetings from The Netherlands..