IC Open h87a - programmable PCB for custom TKL's


Invisibiliti approached me about making a QMK-progammable PCB for his 10-unit run polycarb/acrylic (I forget which) Unicorn TKL group buy. He sent me a broken (some diodes and the USB port were borked) Mech27 PCB to use for reference. I've noticed a gap in proper QMK "kustom" TKL PCBs, so I'm here to fill that gap.



At this point, I've received the 10 PCBs for this run and have assembled one of them. I ordered diodes of the wrong package size, so I'm waiting for those to come in.


RGB works nicely


In-switch LED works nicely

Okay so yeah, anyway.

* Programmable via QMK
* MX-only footprints this time (Alps in the future)
* "Skinny A87" form factor - same footprint as B87, but same USB placement and stab layout as A87.
* Standard ANSI and WKL bottom rows, ISO enter, short right and left shifts, 2u backspace
* Top-side Mini USB port
* Spacebar stab is under the spacebar switch (this is important for kustoms, and generally dictates compatibility).
* RGB underglow
* One-color in-switch LED
* Powered by Atmega32U4 MCU
* No physical reset switch - just short two pins on the PCB (for case compatibility)
* Pins to solder a daughter board on (Moon TKL, for example)
* Fully soldered and pre-programmed with a basic TKL map out of the box

Note that compatibility will vary for this. **It is not a drop-in PCB for any TKL. It will be the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the PCB will work with their target case/board.** I'll work on gathering a compatibility list from some sources I have in the community. I do have plans to make an "H87b" version that has the spacebar stab swapped to the north side of the switch.

I expect to have these built and shipped to my 10 prototype buyers in the next two weeks. Once that is done, I will focus on getting this to market and mass production.


At this moment based on my quotes/math, I'll be able to charge $45 per PCB with an MOQ of 50. If the total order number reaches 100, I should be able to drop that to $40 (TBD). These prices aren't 100% final yet, but are very close to my pricing goals.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave em below. I hope this can help the western keeb community get away from bootmapper/jigon.

My shop's link is here: http://shop.hineybush.com/product/h87a

The buy will open in ~2 weeks, after I receive assembled PCBs from the manufacturer to verify that they work the way they should.