[GIVEAWAY] Success in Life without cutting your eyelids - Daruma keycap limited giveaway

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Traditional Daruma dolls are usually handmade with cardboard, they were modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen tradition of Buddhism, there was myth that the Bodhidharma angrily cut his eyelids once he fell asleep while he was practicing the nine-year meditation, to prevent himself from falling asleep again. And after that nine-year-without moving-period, his legs and arms fell off from Atrophy. Jesus! Alright, no doubt it became a symbol of perseverance. It’s also a symbol of good luck and especially given to students as a gift to help they aim the good results in their studies or important exams. The dolls would be bought from local temples in the new year days, with their both eyes are usually oversize white blank when sold, the recipient will fulfill an eyes of the doll upon setting the goal, they’ll recall the goal every time they see the doll with the one-eye-opened, and when they finish their big task, the other eye will be fulfilled and gathered to burn in the next new year in their local temples when the goals were completed. But you don’t need to cut your eyelids, our dear pupils, you can ask for a break if you’re so tired from studying, Just! Don’t cut your eyelids, OK?

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A new school term is about to come. Remind us so many memories we had when we were pupils and students. Just remember how excited we planed to gain high result in study, or just simply enjoyed day-dreaming at classes. But we all had the our own aims. Whatever you target in your life you’ll need to build up your personality, help you to stay stabilizing knowing who you are. Therefore Jelly Key will give you the Purple coated Daruma Doll keycap - contains the meaning of Self-improvement in Japanese culture.

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