GB Open [GB] Multi color Lube Station Groupbuy !

Hello there! I'm Quen or Qlavier and I cut acrylic

I've recently been cutting and giving away lube stations locally for testing purposes. Now finally i have finished my design i'm starting a group buy.

I currently am still sitting on a leftover stock from my last group buy (keeblade & zlant cases) so if the interest is minimal i will definitely be able to finish everyones lube stations.. The goal of this Group buy for me is to reach 50 orders so i can justify ordering a bulk of acrylic again!
Ordering in bulk will result in an overall cheaper price for every Lube Station..

• 1 Lube Station – €25
• 2 Lube Stations – €39
• 3 Lube Stations – €49
• 6 Lube Stations – €84
• 10 Lube Stations – €125

Ordering a Lube Station in a specific color will add a flat fee.

There are 2 main designs to choose from, lead yourself to the attached imgur album for extra pictures !

>>>>>> Groupbuy link <<<<<<

Want to see more of my work or contact me? Feel free to check out my instagram !

Thanks in advance!