Entry-level Topre keyboard

First post - stumbled upon this forum a few days ago and it's been super interesting to see all the discussions and builds the community here has!

I'm looking to get my first Topre keyboard, my budget is modest, around $150. In your experience do you think I could find a used keyboard for that?
(aiming for 87 keys, fc660c could cut it too I guess)

Well there's not a whole load of choice for genuine Topre. Yep, there is the FC660C which is close to a TKL. And then you have the Realforce stuff.
I don't know where you are, but I'd imagine the U.S would have a reasonable used market. If I recall correctly, retail would be like 200+?

Topre clones are another experience, and may not be for you.
Thanks for the reply! I'm located in Israel, but willing to look all over the globe.
Yeah, I did stumble across the clones. Are they very different from original Topre?
I never did actually type on a Topre keyboard, it just seems (after a ton of research and having used Cherry switches) like it might be the best fit for me.

btw - love your Youtube channel!
i have Plum 87 that is Topre clone. I don't know how real Topre feels like but Plum board feels really really nice. Maybe little to light for my taste (35g) but they feel very light and awesome to type on. Also sound is really nice :)