Dwarf Factory is on TypeHype!

Hi everyone,

Dwarfs, who come from an ancient Norse Mythology, are great workers and adventurers, are driven by a desire of modern devices. They’re in pursuit to bring glory to their name among thousands of technology items by Mechanical Keyboard – their source of living, their fountain of youth, their only passion.

Dwarf race is considered as one of the best mechanical engineers on earth! Now, with their fierceness and greatest love for Mechkey, they want to create masterpieces, depleting all of their knowledge, craftsmanship, youth and endurance

This post is for Question and Answer. Leave us any question which you may have regarding our products.



Love the branding, artwork and craftsmanship!! Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing these on some more peoples keyboards :giggle:
Thank you so much for your compliment! It's really meaningful to us honestly. We do really love your designs & products so far, they are all amazing!

That backspace looks awesome, haven't seen keys larger than an escape before
Yeah, it's a bit complicated to handcraft one backspace like that. We are making them in advance to ensure there will be no delay when we open a sale for it.