Dwarf Factory - Curiosity bottle Project

Hi everyone,

We'd love to introduce our very upcoming project, which is now on sale on our site at: https://www.dwarf-factory.com/product/curiosity-bottles/

People say that dwarfs are curious and always searching for cooper and gold which is absolutely right. Dwarfs do value gold, as gold brings satisfaction and pride to our hearts. But I’ve always thought that this was rather unfair to say; after all, who isn’t interested in gold? Who would be interested in gold and riches. We dwarfs are not the only ones, as illustrated by the story of the 6 weird dead drunks I’m about to tell you

I recently witnessed 6 men riding on horseback, coming toward me while I was alone in the woods. I was afraid they were robbers, and dashed in a bush to hide. When I looked closely I noticed, each man was carrying a bag of gold and… a bottle of wine. After looking around to see if no one was spying on them, they dug a big hole then buried their gold without thinking twice!

As they did not leave after burying their gold, I patiently sat and waited to find out what they would do next. To my great surprise, they drank so much they fell asleep on the ground but when I got closer… they had vanished!

Can you guess where they were? They fell into a dead sleep inside their bottles of wine! It must have been very, very narrow inside must be very but considering the quantity of wine they drank, sleep is all they cared about.

I seized all 6 tiny bottles, firmly pressed down the buttons so they would never be able to go out, mouhahahaha!

The gold is now mine, not yours, you drunk fools!

How to make Curiosity bottle: It’s a complicated process with 6 steps (Each step contains lots of acitivity)
  • Sculpting the bottle content
  • Hand-painting every single details of chosen character.
  • Covering the bottle content with outstanding clear resin.
  • Sanding all surplus parts.
  • Polishing the bottle
  • Put on the wine cork.


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