CYSM Caps: FULL MOON sale, Moon Bunnies + Giveaway exclusive to TypeHype Members

DSC09608.jpg DSC09592.jpg DSC09593.jpg Hi guys!
In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we've made a Moon Bunny artisan keycaps for this coming festive day :)
This year's Mid-Autumn Festival will fall on 24th of September 2018. It will be a night of Full Moon, so don't forget to check it out!
All caps are MX stem. Price is $35 each. Colorway are one-off.
Caps are double shot together with hand painted eyes to enhance the cuteness of the bunnies.
Texture of the Bunnies are matte smooth finished whereas the Moons are rough matte finished.
You can win up to three(3) different keycaps per person (you will not win the same colorway).
International shipping fee is $12, track-able. *Might take 2-4 weeks to reach it's destination*
There will be a Saturn colorway Moon Bunny giveaway for one of the raffle winner :)
Each caps that you've won through the raffle sales will earn you a chance to win it, only 1 is available for the giveaway.

The FULL MOON sale form will be up for 24 hours starts from 1200PM GMT, 22th September 2018.
This is a blind raffle style sale, you will not informed what colorway you have won.
Anyway, you can still choose your preferred colorways, i'll arrange it for you if there's extra.
Invoices will be send out after the sales end in 24 hours.

Sale Form

Sale Menu


Reddit giveaway

For the winners, you’ll have to pay within 24 hours upon receiving the invoice.
After 24 hours, all unpaid invoices will be re-raffled.

Thank you and may the RNG god be with you!

I'll be running an exclusive giveaway for TypeHype, do comment 0-200 down below and winner will be picked by RNG.
Winner will have a chance to win a mysterious Moon Bunny that's not in the menu :)