Currently working with a team to build a better marketplace for artisan keycaps - Please give me tips!

Hey all, like my title says I’m working with a team to build a better online marketplace for artisan keycap creators (a selling platform). We’ve received full funding for our startup and we are planning to launch in 2ish months. I have a few questions, but feel free to provide any other feedback that may be missing from your current favorite websites!

What features could our website provide to help YOU as keycap artists trying to sell your keycaps?
What are your current painpoints in creating and selling keycaps?
Is making and selling keycaps a hobby or a full-time job for you?

For general consumers: What features would you want our website to have to make your buying experience as awesome as possible? What bothers you about current methods to buy keycaps? Any other feedback would be appreciated too!

P.S. If you’re a keycap artist and are interested in selling on our platform, please message me! Thank you!