Cool Cable Updates Thread

Hey Type Hype!

RJ Here from Cool Cable. :cool:

I will be using TypeHype as my main place to share updates and information on new colours, options and advancements in cable tech at Cool Cable.

In case you don't know I make custom USB cables for the mechanical keyboard market. I have a website that you can find here

However, I also take bespoke orders. You can get in touch with me through TypeHype, Discord, Facebook, Instagram or Reddit to discuss the best colour for your keyboard or custom options you can't find directly on the website.

I am bringing some exciting new options for USB cables this year! More to come soon. Hit me up with any questions.

LEMO Connectors
USB C - Mini Cables for Macbook Pro
Near perfect colour matching
Double Split End Connectors for Mini and USB C
Glow in the Dark Cables
FX Paracord
And that is just the beginning.
Cool Cable now have all the options.

USB C - USB C has been added, all the split options we have been offering in custom orders are now also available on the website too.

and the classic AVIATION

Any options for start and end termination are also possible now,

It is a good time to need USB cables.