Cleaning advice

Hi all. I'm embarking on cleaning and lubing an Apple Extended Keyboard 2 over the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding it. Specifically, what cleaning agent is suitable, what's the best lube for the ALPS switches, is there a tool I can use for pulling apart the switches? Any gotchas I should know about before starting?

Thanks in advance!
These keycap pullers are what I use:
They are cheap and don't scratch the keys. Unless the keyboard is exceptionally dirty, can usually clean fairly well with these steps:
  1. Take a picture of your keyboard before pulling all the keys off (for obvious reasons)
  2. Pull off all keys and put into some warm water
  3. Clean under keys with wet rag/towel. Probably get some Q-Tips as well.
  4. Drain keys and pour keys onto a towel
  5. Put keys back on