IC Open Cherry MX Clears fresh batch - Lead in time 6-8 weeks

People in Australia were asking about Cherry MX Clears. So, I did some investigating and I have found that we can buy these at about 35-40c each.
That is AUD!

As these are a fresh batch, they will take 6-8 weeks before they are ready.
To be able to get them at this price we have to hit an MoQ of 8,000 switches.
If you are interested fill out the IC and you will be notified once I have confirmed the order and finalised shipping details from Cherry.
I am on the hunt for Vendors to help keep the shipping prices low for this buy. Dailyclack.com will be where Australia can buy from.

If I will be shipping from Australia here are some estimated costs.

Shipping prices are:
Australia - $8.20
United States - $16
Canada - $16
United Kingdom - $21
New Zealand - $11
Malaysia - $15
Singapore - $15
Philippines - $16

Will be sold in packs of 10. They are 3pin - MX1A-C1NN
Timeline if there are no hiccups:
IC - 18 AUG (GB may open before the 18 AUG)
Buy closes (switches paid by) - 30 AUG
Invoice paid - 31 AUG
Estimated arrival - 12 OCT
Shipped - 19 OCT

I would like the buy to be completed no later than 1st NOV. You will be notified of any delays during this process as soon as it happens.

Form for IC