IC Closed CA66 Custom Keyboard Round 2

Hello TypeHype:TH:. We are glad to post out first IC here!
It's the CA66 round2, with bluetooth PCB option adding in.:hansonthink:

Some photos of round1:
IMG_8888.png IMG_8897.png IMG_8893.png
IMG_8873.png IMG_8866.png IMG_8877.png

Case Features:
  • 6063 aluminum
  • Top case (including HHKB like and WKL like versions)
  • Bottom firm plate
  • Switch plate (aluminum or brass)
  • badge (brass or titanium, no badge for WKL like top case)
  • 365mm x 168mm, 1365g with SA keycaps approximately
PCB Features:
  • Black pcb, gold pads
  • USB C interface
  • RGB led animation on right side (can be set as indicators)
  • TMK, QMK supporting
Bluetooth PCB Features (CAD66):
4.png 5.png 3.jpg 6.jpg
  • Wire/wireless, charging when cable is plugged
  • A bluetooth switch between Tab and Q
  • Battery electricity indicator
  • 3 month duration (with a 3000 mAh battery)
  • Battery not included (since its caused problems to ship it. you can find one which meets your usage habit)
  • alps switches supporting
  • TMK firmware
Prices, colors, and other things are still on hold for final decision.
Please feel free to ask anything!(y)
This keyboard always looks amazing. I'm in!
That purple with Hyperfuse is sexy. I love it!
Not in the same level with SA Grand Budapest imo, but still hot haha.;)
Daum that is some sexy bois you are making a intrest check on!
Glad to be here in this sexy forum as well!:LOL:
I will be in for a bt pcb for sure. CA66 is such a beautiful board, I use mine (China R2 gb) a lot
Time to get rid off cables!:ROFLMAO: