[ARTISAN WORK] Ethereal Reign artifact series making

Ethereal Reign artifact series making


Ethereal Reign is a variant design of Forbidden Realms Artifact series that appear in Enter cap.

While you showed you love toward the Forbidden Realms artifact series, we thought that it’s unjust for you if we keep holding the thoughts of making an artifact series of Forbidden Realm in the enter keycap in our heads forever, and you’d never see them. No. We couldn’t stand that. Then we had made an extension view of the forbidden realms – Seasons in the Enter artifact series – The Ethereal Reign.

Ethereal Reign is mostly made of wood layers, piled on top of each other to create the effect of a miniature highland topography inner side of an SA profile enter keycap. We had made a far advance of skill and aesthetic aspect in this series, four options in this design are the incarnations of four seasons which each of them was carried out with meticulousness by details.