[ARTISAN KEYCAPS] Sphincter Cell Master resin keycap series

Sphincter Cell Master keycap series


Such a strange thing. You had no idea what had happened at Jelly Key workshop last week. I’m not playing around the bush, let me tell ya.

On previous Monday, there were four turtles dressed like ninja knocked at our door and asked to see our artists. They brought along a creasy photo of a rat wearing a trifocal goggles and dress alike them, telling us that the rat is their ninja master. “That’s…weirdo” we thought but we still listened to their story.

They introduced themselves as Don, Leo, Raph and Michel, and they was named by their master. (Bet that rat must be obsessed with Renaissance Artists though.) They shared that they’ve been fighting out there to much that they don’t have many chances to visit their master. That’s why they want to have a sculpture of him and the idea is from Michel. Then Raph found a poster on the internet depicts their master in a cute high-kick posing while he was searching for video game – it’s the poster they had on their hands when they first visited us, so they decided to have sculpture that way because Don also agreed not to have a too-realistic-master-sculpture. So Leo had frequented our workshop in the whole week to give advices for the colors they want, shouldn’t be the same all cause bad guys might find out exactly who’s their master if they have the same sculpture of Splinter. We decided to call the sculpture Sphincter Cell – as its character in the game.

aUSG42uw.jpg 20180906-Jelly-Key-Product-Sphincter-Retouch-25.jpg