[ARTISAN KEYCAPS] Daruma Doll keycap series

Daruma Doll keycap series

Now we’re craftsmen and designers, Jelly Key’s trying our best to fill the purpose of making very best artisans. Are you still aming your life? Feel free to share with us.
This design not for sale. We have one giveaway on TypeHype, join with us!

Jelly-Key-Daruma-artisan-keycaps-9-1.jpg Jelly-Key-Daruma-artisan-keycaps-8-1.jpg Jelly-Key-Daruma-artisan-keycaps-7-1.jpg

“Daruma-san ga koronda*
Roll his bloody eyes and and stare at ya
One, two, three steps! Be silent! Ha!
Don’t let Daruma see you move.
Unless you’re the one will lose.
He’s gonna behead you too.”