[ARTISAN KEYCAPS] Chubby Piggy Banks – Lunar new year artisan keycaps

Chubby Piggy Banks – Lunar new year artisan keycaps


This year we’ll welcome the return of Pig sign in the Lunar Calendar. To celebrate the Year of the Pig, we create the Chubby Piggy Banks Keycap Series wishing you and your family Wealth and Fortune for the upcoming year.

Tet Holiday in Vietnam marks the peak time of the year when most piggy banks “perform” their functions. As a tradition, Vietnamese children are taught to raise piggy banks all year long as a good practice of saving and being patience. When the Lunar year is about to over, the kids and their parents (often the mother) will excitedly break the pig together and see how much they had saved. The cash then will usually be used for shopping for new clothes and toys as rewards. The next step in this meaningful practice of Vietnamese people is to get a brand new piggy bank and start to stuff it with lucky money as the Lunar New Year approaches. What a captivating way to educate while having fun! Don’t you think?