[ARTISAN KEYCAPS] Artifact series: Frozen Realms Artisan Keycap

Artifact series: Frozen Realms Artisan Keycap


Once again, you are warmly introducing to the realm of eternal winter – The Frozen Realm.

If this name causes you a tremble of cold feeling, we’d love to redefine your presupposition about what Frozen Realm really is.

“…Once in every thousand year period, the Frozen Realm opens its gate to let in the wise spirits from any being kinds, including things – which human believes they got no soul, but they did. In this holy land, the wise spirits will be revived into Frozen Realm creatures, or parts of the glacier, the holy worm, lichen, and snow. Their lives would never end, and it’s always peaceful in this realm. But it’s still, a forbidden realm, human, or living creatures on Earth are forbidden to access the Frozen Realm. You try to get in, you’ll be killed frostbitten.

Jelly-Key-A-winter-themed-forbidden-realm-artisan-keycaps-for-mechanical-keyboards-147.jpg Jelly-Key-A-winter-themed-forbidden-realm-artisan-keycaps-for-mechanical-keyboards-artwork-2.jpg