[ARTISAN KEYCAP] CYSM Caps: 'ROOM TEMPERATURE' sale is up! Grab your Ice Cubes today!

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Goooddddamnn, who put ice cubes on my keyboarddd?! This will be the debut sales of the Ice Cube sculpt!
All caps are MX stem. Price is $30 each.
Texture of the Ice Cubes are glossy finished.
You can win up to five(5) different keycaps per person (you might win the same cap more than once),
International shipping fee is $12, track-able.

Like the debut sales of Lickitons , these NoFace & Spirited Away Boos will be randomly given to two raffle sale winners. Each cap that you've won through the raffle sales will earn you a chance to win it; only 2 giveaways Boos are available. . The ROOM TEMPERATURE sale form will be up for 24 hours starts from 1130PST, 30th August 2018. This is a raffle styled sale. You can choose the number of caps you want to buy and the preferred colorways as well as do you wish to win similar caps. Invoices will be send out after the sale ends.

For the winners, you’ll have to pay within 24 hours after receiving the invoice. After 24 hours, all unpaid invoices will be re-raffled.

Sale Form
Sale Album