Anne Pro 2 makes hollow sounds when typing

I recently bought my second mechanical keyboard, the Anne Pro 2 Gateron blue switches. I returned my first keyboard because it was making hollow sounds every time I typed on it. The sound was like if you were hitting on a hollow cylindrical metal with a hammer. Then I got the Anne Pro, and this one too makes the same hollow sounds.

(1) Is this typical of mechanical keyboards? Is it because of the type of switches I have? Can I expect something different from Gateron red for example?

(2) Can I fix it at all? I want to get rid of the sound completely, and the Anne Pro is mod-able as in I can take it apart easily.

Note: I've lubed the keys and placed a thick layer of foam sheets inside the case under the PCB. No help at all.

I'd appreciate any help and feedback on fixing this. It really bothers me.